We believe marketing should be simple.  And a little bit fun.

The problem is that technology is a double-edge sword; it can be amazingly complex to setup, but when done right it will make your life extremely simple.

We have worked with companies large to small over the last 10 years (that’s 70 dog years).  Making online marketing simple and effective is what we do best.

Lately we have really taken an interest in finding a way to make what we do affordable for local businesses.  This is what our new products are designed to help with and we’re excited for how they will be able to help Local Businesses do online marketing right.

Meet Our Team

adam broetje

Adam Broetje


Adam spent 5 years helping two successful startups see success in online marketing campaigns, after which he saw a glaring void in the market for a company that fully understood both Marketing & IT and could help others take advantage of the combination.

Likes: Skiing, Sailing, Duct Tape

Dislikes: 520 Traffic, The Yankees, Cats

Nickname: Dancing Panda

John Broetje


John graduated Western Washington University with a Business degree but has always had a creative knack, which has made him the best dev dog in the group and a newly found WordPress aficionado.

Likes: Beer, dogs (this is his dog Yogi), guitar, and those long Summer nights

Dislikes: The Pittsburgh Steelers, soggy nachos…

Nickname: J-Bone

david mulqueen

David Mulqueen

Project Manager

David graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a degree in accounting. He has since abandoned the accounting ship and is now a seasoned SEO strategist, Google AdWords certified wizard & Google Analytics data miner.

Likes: Mountain Biking, Funky Socks, Growing Beards

Dislikes: Man Buns, Not Enough Mayo

Hailey Vasquez

Project Manager

Hailey graduated with a degree in business and marketing from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA. She now manages a variety of SEO, consulting, and social media projects and is our in-house Facebook Ads and Facebook Business Manager expert.

Likes: Corgi butts, Billy on the Street, and wielding the aux cord

Dislikes: parking garages, pickled foods, and pigeons

Nickname: Hailz

Danielle Isbell

Manager of Tail Wags

Danielle is manager of all things tail wagging! That could be anything from building client relationships, managing the office, billing, or scratching puppy ears. She has learned a lot about digital marketing since launching her own photography business two years ago and is excited bring her skills to Odd Dog.

Likes: Snapping great photos, drinking whiskey, and traveling to amazing places.

Dislikes: Wet sleeves, losing Superbowls, and fungus.

Nickname: Dani

kimberly scholten

Kimberly Scholten

Marketing Coordinator

Kimberly has 4 years of digital marketing experience in project management, design, and SEM services and is studying Marketing at Arizona State University. She also holds her Google Adwords & Analytics certifications and is looking forward to jumping into a wide variety of projects at Odd Dog.

Likes: Live Music, Lap Dogs Too Big to Be Lap Dogs, Guitar, Anything Lemon-Scented

Dislikes: Celery, Humidity, Reaching the Bottom of a Coffee Mug

Justin Korn


Justin has been working with web technologies, in one form or another, since 1996. Through the years, prior to diving into web development as a career, Justin held various IT positions from Interning all the way up to Director of Technology. Since focusing on web development, he has perfected his front-end and back-end coding skills in: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET, and SQL




There's a great story behind his name that relates to a 30 Rock episode, but his quirkiness certainly lives up to his name. He's the first to let us know about office visitors and will spin circles at your feet until you pet him. He has a slight obsession with tennis balls.

Best Trick: howling at sirens

Nickname: Pantz, Mini Beast Mode, Captain Muddy Paws, Beast Dog



Chief of Handshakes

Yogi is the prettiest one of the bunch w/ his Jonathan Taylor Thomas like looks. If you happen to stop by the Odd Dog Office beware of Yogi’s relentless paw-shake as he tries to monopolize the lion’s… er… dog’s share of pets… he also like steak A LOT.

Best Trick: giving human hugs

Nickname: Yompus, Yimbus, Yogi Bear, Y-Bear, really too many to list


Master of Fluff

Bio Coming soon....

Our Values & Mantras

We have a set of values posted at everyone’s desk as a reminder of values to keep throughout each day:

  1. We are respectful
  2. We listen
  3. We learn eagerly
  4. We show accountability
  5. We exceed expectations

Along with these values, we have a few mantras that you will hear all the time when working here at Odd Dog:

“Always do the right thing”
In business, the right thing isn’t always the cheapest thing and we see that as an investment in our clients, our reputation and our commitment to offering an excellent service.

“Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions”
This speaks to our belief that it’s our job to invest in thorough training of our employees, then empower them to find solutions and think creatively.  We would much rather our team members come up with 3 solutions to a problem and justify their favorite, rather than run into an issue and simply ask someone else for the answer.  We love problem solvers.

Working at Odd Dog

We take pride in providing high quality work for our clients and we love team members who are passionate about their clients and won’t stop until they have put their best work down.  First and foremost this is a professional office…but one that likes to have fun.

We also believe that people need to recharge in order to be their best.

If you’re interested in working with us, please visit the Marketing Jobs section of our website and submit your resume.

Office Perks

  • Lower Queen Anne location
  • Standing Desks
  • We are a Mac office, the only PC you’ll see is used for testing.
  • We encourage and even sponsor outside activities, like our softball team or Odd Dog’s first sponsored mountain bike rider!
  • Dogs welcome in the office.
  • Flexible work hours.

Employee Perks

  • Competitive base salary
  • Transparent, quarterly bonus structure.  No politics here, if you hit the metrics we feel you have earned it.
  • 15 Days PTO to start, plus sick days
  • Up to 3% Employer match retirement program
  • Fully covered health, dental & vision insurance for the primary employee