Smell the difference

Are you ready to experience the future of digital advertising?


The sense of smell has a unique impact on the mind and our ability to recall specific emotions and memories.

We set out to create an Ad product that could harness this and create truly memorable Ads that elicit emotions and build brand loyalty in a whole new way.

Introducing, Ad Scents.

Digital Ads that offer a fully customizable smell to your target audience.

Upload your scent

Use our Ad Scent Wizard to upload your custom scent. Our unique algorithm will digitally map the scent, making it easily reproducible by Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile devices.

Select Your Audience

Target customers based on demographics, identifying audiences that are most likely to be receptive to the smells of your ads.

Multi-Scent Capability

Different sections of your screen can emit unique scents, allowing you to display multiple scents at the same time.

Smell the Possibilities

Ad Scents has been beta tested across a number of different industries.

ad scents

Imagine seeing an ad for a local bakery, along with the delicious smell of their daily fresh-baked bread flowing across your desk.

These ads have shown a 60% effectiveness on the target customer, plus a 30% effectiveness on other co-workers in the office.

With the multi-scent capability, restaurants and food producers could display multiple products and let users literally smell the difference.

We tested this with select dog-food producers to see which food our office pups preferred.  The conclusive answer:  All of them.

Unique Tracking & Analytics

Custom built metrics to show you the unique performance of Ad Scents.

Likes + Clicks = Licks

We have created a unique metric that can measure the number of times a user likes your Ad Scent, plus the number of times they click on your ad. This combo metric of "likes" and "clicks" is that we call, Licks.

Spam Lick Prevention

Highly effective ads can suffer from excessive "Licks" that throw off your metrics. Our system will auto-detect "Licks" that happen in rapid succession and only count them as a single "Lick".


We’ll be rolling out beta invites shortly.

To get a beta invite, post your most Lickable ad with the hashtag #digitaladscents on Instagram.

We’ll pick our favorites.