world emoji day 2017

World Emoji Day 2017

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Yes, it's a thing. I’m sure you were all: 🙄  but now, you’re all 🤔 and soon you’ll be 😆 ! So, Happy World Emoji Day! World Emoji Day started in 2014 and has been increasing in popularity ever since. From Wikipedia:  "World Emoji Day is "the brainchild of Jeremy Burge"according to CNBC who stated that "London-based...
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odd dog media green up

6 Simple Steps Toward a Greener Business

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Climate change is all over the news.  Even the weather channel had a creative way to voice a message on it.  We won’t bore you with our commentary about the problems, but rather wanted to focus on some solutions that businesses can implement. Let’s just say that we agree with…

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how important are backlinks

How important are backlinks in 2017?

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There are many factors that Google and other search engines (wait, there are OTHER search engines?!) use to determine how a website is ranked in search. Website structure, content, meta descriptions, title tags, schema, and backlinks are all signals that search engines use to determine a website's rankings. Backlinks are links from...
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Fun Things With Odd Dogs

Fun things with Odd Dogs

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That face. That face is the face of focus, adrenaline, fun and maybe an “oh *!@# I completely forgot about this part!” Let me explain. Today I’m going to take a different approach to this blog post and give you a little bit of insight as to what I do…

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