Find the companies that are looking for you.

Looking for companies to do business with can have it’s own set of challenges. (we know!) But really, marketing to companies is all about marketing to people. Knowing how people search and what draws them in. Use your website for more than your digital business card. We can make it work for you.

Optimized Web Design

We don’t just make websites that “look nice”.  We create websites that draw leads. Fully responsive and mobile ready, we create your website to work for you.   Your website is your virtual billboard, make it count.

Qualified Lead Tracking

It’s not enough to get more traffic to your website if none of that traffic is going to turn into a sale. We track where the lead originally came from and allow you to easily score the lead as “Good”, “Bad”, or “Undetermined” from a simple email.  Very powerful, yet very simple.

Get Found

With both SEO and LOCAL SEO, we make sure that you are found. More and more searches are being done on mobile devices. Being well represented on all local directories,  using keywords wisely, and Odd Dog adding our “secret sauce” will ensure that people searching for you in your area will find you.

Quarterly Consultations

You’ve got us in your corner. Along with monthly reports, our quarterly consultations give us the chance to dig deeper with you and your business. We go over what’s been working and what may need to be changed up. We guide you on the best next steps to take to make the biggest impact with your marketing.

Call Tracking

More than tracking web forms, we will be able to tell you how the people calling you found you.  This helps us really determine what’s working and what isn’t with your on-line presence.

Review Monitoring

We will give you tools and guidance on how to build more positive reviews for your business.  We will also monitor across the web for any new reviews, allowing you to quickly thank great customers or quickly address negative customers so you can remedy the situation.

Increase your visibilty, packages starting at $499 a month.

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