Executive Summary:  Fast Water Heater

Fast Water Heater is a regional water heater installation & service company with locations in Washington, Oregon & California.  Odd Dog Media engaged with them for an SEO/SEM campaign with 6 physical locations targeting most of the 3-state region.   

All statistics are for 6/1/17 – 3/31/2018

SEO Project Statistics via Google Analytics

  • Website Traffic Increase:  13.6%
  • Google Organic Increase: 24.28%
  • Bing Organic Increase: 17.95%
  • Website Phone Call Increase:  54%

SEO Project Statistics via Google My Business

  • Phone Call Increase: 104%
  • Total Searches Increase: 92%
  • Total Views Increase: 160%
  • Maps Views Increase: 162%
  • Total Actions Increase: 176%

The table below shows GMB statistics for each location.

SEO Location targeting

Small traffic increase but a huge increase in phone call metrics, what gives??? 

Our SEO efforts focused on less national traffic and more regional traffic centered on their service areas. 

While the total traffic increase doesn’t jump off the page, the location of the traffic is more qualified and really shows in their core conversion metric which was a 54% increase in website phone calls and a 104% increase in GMB phone calls. 

The Big Trick:  Phone Number Targeting & Accurate Conversion Tracking

In the past the client had utilized 1-800 numbers, however, they found customers were much less likely to give them a call versus a local number.  Local phone numbers are proven to be vital.    

Our largest challenge was implementing a tracking system that could accurately measure leads with a wide range of local phone numbers across multiple channels, ensuring that visitors saw area codes based on where they were calling from.  After some digging into their existing website, we found they were already using a platform called MaxMind GEO IP with over 40 phone numbers. MaxMind GEO IP was dynamically swapping phone numbers AND H2 tags site-wide based on a users’ location with poor accuracy.  The wrong H2 tag & area code was often displayed. Bad news bears for SEO and even worse for conversion & accurate ROI tracking.

To remedy, we set up Call Tracking Metrics. While similar to MaxMind GEO IP, it offers better session targeting and utilizes a javascript swap that isn’t visible to Google Bots, making it safe for local SEO. From there, we had to set up 5 local phone numbers per area code so that each visitor could be served a unique phone number for tracking. This totaled over 200 phone numbers that were individually setup & targeted based on user location & traffic source. 

We also eliminated the H2 swaps that maxMind Geo IP was conducting and instead manually targeted content on the site for specific service areas. 

The end result was a website with better local targeting and vastly improved local call tracking. 

Conversion Tracking

Their past SEO company had set up conversion goals tied to time on site with a very short period.  We removed this as time on site didn’t show a correlation with phone calls.  We replaced this with conversion goals tied directly to the phone number swapping system, Call Tracking Metrics.   

SEO Efforts

Our efforts here were highly focused on their service area but had to be spread amongst 3 states and a wide range of city areas with priorities for cities close to their service hubs. 

We’re still working on their SEO but objectives so far have included:

  • Implement accurate conversion tracking to identify productive traffic sources
  • Implement GMB tracking to differentiate high performing areas
  • Implement robust, local call tracking system that is SEO friendly
  • On page optimization for states, counties & cities. 
  • Improve internal linking structures
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Page Speed Improvements
  • Backlink campaigns with a heavy focus on local areas
  • Local SEO efforts for each physical location; citation cleanup



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