What is PPC

What is PPC?

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What is PPC? PPC stands for “pay per click” PPC can also be known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Paid Search or Cost Per Click (CPC). PPC is a form of advertising done online where you only pay for advertising when someone clicks on your ad. Clicks can cost anywhere…

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dog snowshoeing

Adwords ValueTrack Parameters

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[ Adwords blog post images are pretty boring, so here’s a photo of my dog going crazy while up showshoeing a couple weeks ago. ] I must have spent an hour hunting through the Adwords documentation as well as general Google searches to finally find the available ValueTrack parameters that…

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Pay Per Click (PPC) vs. Search Engine Optimization the classic showdown. PPC (the most popular being AdWords) is starting to become an ineffective way for companies to spend their money. Although it still does turn some web searchers into clients, it sure isn’t as useful as it once used to…

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