We couldn’t help but notice you’re looking for some kind of SEO service. You’ve realized that you need it for your business and we’re going to assume you have a broad understanding of it, if not, we’ll happily teach you. But first……

Instead of trying to sell you on our services or convince you to contact us, we want you to be educated in your search for an SEO partner. We’re confident in the work that we do and will let both our experience & results speak for us. Moving on.

You’re looking for the right fit and we’re completely ok with that. Sure we’d love to do business with you and welcome you to reach out but we care more about the success of your business than making a quick buck. There are a ton of companies out there that make it pretty darn difficult to narrow down your choices and we want you to take an educated approach to hiring an SEO Agency to work with you.

So, instead of asking the generic questions like “What’s the cost?” or “How big is your company?” or “Do you have experience working in the *insert industry*?”, print out these 6 tips below and smack ’em next to your phone throughout your search process:

  • “Tell me your SEO process in less than 60 seconds.”

    • If they can do it, and it makes sense to you, they get a dog treat. If they talk until your ear goes flat, forget it. If they make no sense, ask for an explanation.
  • “How do you acquire links?”

    • If they answer, “It’s a secret” then you answer “Good luck with that” and move on.
  • How do you measure success?”

    • If they answer, “Rankings” and nothing else, run. If they include stuff like “Traffic”, “Leads” or “Sales”, that’s an improvement.
  • Read their blog.

    • A good measure of how well an agency can communicate effectively is by reading their blog. If you feel like you’ve spent 2 hours trying to learn Latin when reviewing it…..
  • Look at the title tag on their homepage.

    • That’s the text in the top bar in your browser. If they don’t rank in the top 10 for that phrase, ask them what’s up. Any decent SEO company will rank for that core phrase.
  • “Are the strategies being used white hat or black hat? Do you follow Google’s Quality Guidelines?

    • If a company says they can guarantee you will be #1, hang up the phone. Immediately. They’re likely using “black hat” tactics. These can achieve results quickly upfront but long term your business has a high likelihood of being penalized. In some cases being removed all together! (White Hat = Good; Grey Hat = A little of both; Black Hat = Sketchy).

And there you have it. There’s plenty more but this is a great start to hiring an SEO Agency that knows what they’re doing. The main takeaway from this – go with your gut, regardless of agency size or “industry” experience. Pick an agency that’s trustworthy, educational & people that you can work with.

If you’re looking for an SEO Agency, Odd Dog Media is just that.

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Local Businesses

Any businesses who serve a local area. Whether your business is a brick and mortar business and customers come to you, or a service-area business where you go to your customers, your business needs Local SEO and an approach that will take into account the search needs and intent of consumers looking for solutions near them.

Multi-Location Businesses 

If your business has more than one location, you understand how complicated your marketing can become. We can help you get control of all of your location data and help you leverage this to your advantage. We’ve worked with businesses from two to over two hundred locations.

Businesses Ready For Growth

If your business is having trouble reaching that next level, we can help.

Without Odd Dog Media, I don’t think we would still be in business. We currently generate upwards of 60 new leads each month thanks to their efforts.

J. DeBruler, OwnerAccutint Bellevue

Odd Dog is amazingly effective. We work closely with their team and have developed absolute trust in them. They are all extremely attentive to their clients. We appreciate their constant monitoring and guidance. These guys know their stuff and they have had a huge impact on our business. Thanks Odd Dog.

Andrea P. Bellingham Urology Group

“The Odd Dog team are fantastic. They do brilliant work and are incredibly easy to work with. It’s nice having a team with such deep expertise, mixed with excellent communication skills and affordability. I would highly recommend.”

Rich Martin, FounderR.B. Content Lab

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