When potential customers come to your website, they’re looking for a solution to a specific challenge. If they can’t find the answer within 10-20 seconds or less, they’re turning to your competitors.

A well-designed website will get website visitors paying attention long enough to make a first impression but there’s an art to conversion optimization that helps turn those visitors into customers.

You don’t have to keep letting so many website visitors leave your site without converting. Odd Dog Media helps small businesses like yours conduct research, do tests, and implement best practices to get more high-quality leads.

How Do I Get More Leads From My Website?

Imagine you have a shop that gets 500 daily visitors but only makes 5 sales per day. That’s a 1% conversion rate. This means people are interested in what you have to offer from the outside, but once they get in, they’re not finding what they’re looking for. They simply leave and find someone else who can provide what they need.

The same thing happens online. The difference is your customer is much less patient and has plenty of other options right at their fingertips. If they can’t find what they’re looking for from your business, they’re going to look somewhere else.

That’s where conversion rate optimization comes in. It’s the process of figuring out what your customers are looking for and ensuring they take action when they find it.

They do brilliant work and are incredibly easy to work with. It’s nice having a team with such deep expertise, mixed with excellent communication skills and affordability.

Why Work With Odd Dog?

With Odd Dog Media, there’s no guessing, just real, actionable results. We make decisions based on your website’s analytics through a process of optimize -> test -> repeat.

When you partner with us, you end up with a website that converts more customers and less low-quality traffic. This helps you establish trust within your community and build a loyal following through increased conversions on your site.

Our team takes care of every step of the process from setting up your analytics and reviewing them on a regular basis to conducting tests and executing the optimizations for you. This way, you can focus on running your business while watching the leads come rolling in.

From shops with multiple locations to licensed practitioners like lawyers and doctors, our clients put their trust in us and experience real results.

Schedule a consultation with Adam or David to learn more and see what’s paw-sible for your business.

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