Odd Dog’s Recommendation

Google-Analytics-screenshotSearch Engine Optimization is the best long-term investment you can make in your online marketing. It takes time to make happen, this isn’t an overnight endeavor, but done properly it can set you up for free, long-term marketing to a very targeted market.  If you are serious about being seen before your competitors for a certain search term, SEO is a no-brainer.


  • Increased Website Traffic
  • Targeted visitors who are interested in your product or service
  • Sustainable.  Properly done SEO won’t drop out of the rankings over-night.

Here is what this service includes:

  • Researching and selecting search phrases to target.
  • Modifying the code of your website to be crawl-able by search engines.
  • Setting up search engine tools and local search tools to properly index your site.
  • Designing content that will target our selected search phrases and be interesting to your target market.
  • Help you attain quality links from related websites.  This is a crucial step and often times the hardest part.
  • Provide monthly reports to show how you are improving in Google/Bing/Yahoo for the targeted search terms.

A Little About Search Engine Optimization

What it is
Search Engine Optimization is the art of helping your website show up in the natural listings (the FREE listings) for a particular search phrase.  Think of it as a marathon, the further your lead over your competitors, the more you can relax and not worry about them passing you up.  If search engines send you a lot of business, there is business security in doing this well and not letting up.

What it is for
If there is a particular keyword that you believe would send you a ton of targeted leads, this is for you.

Why it’s awesome
It has great long-term sustainability and will send you more traffic than most other online marketing methods. Once you do the work to get there, it is tough to drop out of the rankings.

What’s the catch?
It does take time, the amount of time depends on how competitive the keyphrase is that you are targeting. Getting to the top of Google for the word “dogs” is near impossible, but “purebread golden retrievers in seattle washington” is very achievable and will send you traffic more likely to convert into a customer.  It’s better to target a wide range of specific phrases, than only one or two very popular ones.

No SEO is better than bad SEO
Hundreds of companies claim to offer “SEO services”. The reality is that they will often outsource this task overseas to companies who don’t understand your business, your customers or what type of traffic you really want.  They spam blogs, forums and other websites in hopes of getting other websites to link to you.  This is an SEO method that the search engines caught onto a long time ago and actually hurts you more than it helps you.

SEO is an investment that you need to be able to count on for leads.  If you do it wrong and the search engines catch on, you could drop out of the rankings and your sales will dry up overnight.  Spend the time, do it right and have confidence in your business.