Your website is the heart of your online marketing campaign.  It is often the first thing someone looks at when contemplating using your product/service and you ARE being judged by it.  Your website has to do 2 things extremely well:

  • Get a lot of traffic.
  • Convert this traffic into leads/customers.

Ultimately, your website is a tool to build your brand and to generate leads.

Web Design Approach

When customers ask us how long it will take to complete a website, our answer is “forever”.  There is a misconception that website has to be “final” before launching it, the reality is that a website is a living, breathing piece of your marketing mix and is never “done”.  It can always evolve, always improve and must do both to keep up with the times.

We build almost all of our websites off of the WordPress content management platform.  (Read why on our WordPress page)  This allows us to get a website launched and all the pages in place in a very short period of time.  Gone are the days where we nag you about content before you ever see the design and then want to change the content once you see it in place.  Our clients get to click through their site, easily change how the pages link together, write great content that fits each page and be ready to launch it with the click of a button.

So when should a website launch?  As soon as it’s better than what you currently have.

A Little About Our Websites

What they are
Beautiful.  Simple, flexible, effective.  Your website is always changing and you want to always be adding new content.  (Content is King.)  Building on the WordPress content management system allows us to give our customers a simple way to edit content on their own and only use us for the “heavy lifting” changes they need.

What they are for
Traffic and sales.  Too many companies let their ego get too involved in their website.  Keep things simple, professional, clean and straightforward and you’ll reap the rewards while saving a ton of money.

Why they’re awesome
Simply put, we don’t build junk.  We build effective websites that play well with search engines and social media.  We track all website traffic so that you can see how well your site is doing and where it can improve.  Hint: It can always improve.

What’s the catch?
Your website is just the first step.  Once it’s done, you will want to increase the website traffic to it and focus on converting as much of this traffic into sales as possible.  That’s where our search engine optimization, social media, AdWords and conversion rate optimization services come into play.

Why choose Odd Dog?
We don’t want to give you a website and then leave you to figure out how to make it work.  We want to see your online marketing succeed.  We realize that the website is the core to this, but is just the beginning.  You still have a long way to go once you launch your site and we specialize in helping you the entire way.

Some examples of sites we have built

Accutint Bellevue

Redmond Signature Dentistry

Payroll Solutions

Kotter Inc

NW Crossfit