Odd Dog’s Recommendation
Wordpress Development SeattleWe love WordPress.  It was pegged as just a “blogging platform” years ago, but the creators (Auttomatic) and the open source community have made it the best Content Management System available today, in our opinion.  A platform like WordPress allows us to spend our time on the details of your website that will impact your objectives, not the trivial website layout stuff that is just grunt work.  It also allows us to give some control of the website to our clients so that they may edit copy, add/remove pages and add photos as they wish.

Here is what this service includes:

  • WordPress installation and setup
  • Architecture strategy
  • CMS install and configuration
  • Responsive Design (Mobile & Tablet Compatible)
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Custom plugin development
  • Security and stability maintenance.
  • Clean-up of existing WordPress installs that have become too bloated.
  • Performance tweaking.
  • Integrating other services with WordPress.
  • And much more!

A Little About WordPress

What it is
WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world with over 60% market share and powering sites such as whitehouse.gov, techcrunch.com, forbes.com, newyorker.com, bbcamerica.com, sonymusic.com, news.microsoft.com, and beyonce.com.  Since Beyonce can do no wrong, we figure this is a safe bet.  WordPress “powers” your website and gives you an Admin interface to edit pages, photos and more.

What it is for
Everyone from Fortune 500 businesses to personal bloggers.  Its architecture has made it scalable enough to seamlessly handle just about any use-case you can throw at it.

Why it’s awesome
The software is free and regularly updated.

What’s the catch?
While the software is free, creating your custom design for a unique looking website still takes work.  However not nearly as much work if someone has to write the HTML code from scratch.