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Everything a Local Business needs for their online marketing.

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Local SEO & Monitoring

Local SEO is arguably the most effective type of marketing a Local Business can do nowadays. If someone is looking for your product or service in their area, they use phrases like “seattle plumber” or “plumbing company in seattle”. Search engines notice you are looking for a local business and show you ones that are in your area, along with their address & phone number. People who already have a need for your product/service are out there looking for you, it’s up to you to be sure you are easily found ahead of your competition.

Keyword Tracking

To measure the success of a Local SEO campaign, we track where your website ranks in Google, Bing & Yahoo for up to 100 search terms.  Each month we have a report of keywords that saw an increase and how much they improved by. While this doesn’t measure actual business generated, it’s a good benchmark to see how things are improving.

keyword tracking
monthly reports

Monthly Reports

Each month we send you a report that details how your Local SEO is improving and how your keywords are improving.  If you are subscribed to our Full Local Marketing package, we’ll even include how many leads were generated, where they came from and whether they were good or bad leads.

Website Design & Build

Yes, we design and build you a full website.  Your website is the foundation of any digital marketing you do.  It determines how well you can perform in search engines and how well website visitors convert into customers.  Our websites are optimized for Local Businesses, proven to perform well in search engines and will do an excellent job of representing your business.

  • You own it, this isn’t a “rented” website.
  • We work with your existing domain name.
  • WordPress based so it’s easy for you to update.
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hosting & updates

Site Hosting & Updates

Often times businesses build a new website and then quickly let it go stagnant.   We ensure your website remains up to date with weekly software updates, lock it down with enterprise level security and we power it with blazing-fast hosting to ensure your clients can easily get to you.  You’ll never have to worry if your website is operating at peak performance.

Lead Tracking & Ranking

The success of any online campaign should be measured by how much business it generates.  We have custom built a lead-tracking system to measure every lead that comes to your website, be it through a website form or a phone call. We track where the lead originally came from and allow you to easily score the lead as “Good”, “Bad”, or “Undetermined” from a simple email.  Very powerful, yet very simple.

lead tracking

Review Monitoring & Management

Online reviews have become a big part of how people build trust with companies they don’t know.  We will give you tools and guidance on how to build more positive reviews for your business.  We will also monitor across the web for any new reviews, allowing you to quickly thank great customers or quickly address negative customers so you can remedy the situation.

Social Media Setup & Integration

We will help you setup & brand every piece of social media “real estate” that your brand should have to protect its name. Whether you use it or not, you should claim it so that others don’t. We then integrate the major social media platforms with your new website so that every blog/news item you post on your website is automagically posted to your social media properties as well.

social media
quarterly consulting

Quarterly Consulting

This is where things get cool.  Once a quarter your Project Manager will review your entire account and come up with a list of “To Do’s” that should be done to help your online marketing efforts.  We review your progress and this to-do list with your team over an hour-long phone meeting (or in-person here at our office).  We guide you in the best and easiest ways to complete your to-do list, helping to divide the work amongst your team or offering quotes if you would like us to help complete these items for you.  Not only do you get all our great software, but you get expert digital marketing consulting helping to keep you on top of your game.

Paid Ad Management

If your business shows up in both the natural search engine listings as well as the paid listings, there is a far greater chance your site will be clicked on by potential customers.  We research & build the paid ad campaigns across multiple networks and are constantly tweaking the campaigns to provide you with more and better leads. We work on a variety of platforms for AdWords, Facebook, Bing Ads and more!

Note: Odd Dog manages the lead spend and can work with you if you would like to dedicate a larger budget to paid ads.    


Best of all, our packages measure the number of Leads they generate.  Simple, straight forward, just what you need.

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