How quickly will I see results?

This depends on what you’re doing with us. If you’re doing SEO with us, we typically say anywhere from 3-6 months to start seeing results from the work we’re doing. Sometimes it can take longer than this so patience is key. If we’re managing your AdWords campaign, the results are almost instant, depending on the industry. Typically if you’re a B2C business, less than a week. If you’re a B2B business, it can take up to a month as the conversion cycle is much longer.

Are you a full service agency?

We are a full-service Digital Agency. We handle everything from branding, design, website development, SEO, pay per click, and social media. We typically don’t offer copywriting or media buying but have partnerships with businesses in the area that we can refer you to.

Can you help me with my branding?

Absolutely! We have a full design team in house who will work to understand your brand values, personality, typography, assets, color palette and more to deliver a brand you’re ecstatic about.

What should I expect from the quarterly consulting sessions?

This is where we provide an incredible added value.  Your Project Manager will analyze your website’s stats, competitors, industry trends and more to come up with a list of items to accomplish over the next quarter.  Most of these are covered by our services, while some may be larger marketing initiatives that you can either choose to take on yourself or have it added to your package with Odd Dog.  The goal is that you get an experienced Digital Marketing Consultant coaching you through every option available to you.

Can we ever meet face to face?

Our office is in the convenient lower Queen Anne of Seattle and we are more than willing to meet face to face. We’ll often times meet clients at their place of work, out for coffee or invite them into our office. Whatever is easiest for you, works for us!

If you build my website and I decided to leave, can I take my website with me?

As long as you fulfill the full year of your contract, we will deliver your website files if you wish to cancel.  You will lose out on all the added features, such as the lead tracking, website forms, spam protection and any other premium features that are included with our service.  You will be responsible for finding a new hosting provider and installing the website on your new server, as well as any DNS changes involved. If you aren’t able to get this working right away, we are happy to continue hosting your site on our monthly hosting fee until your new hosting provider is live.

Couldn’t I just do this myself?

You sure could! A lot of businesses decide to hire a full time marketer however, this can be a costly endeavor, especially for a small to medium sized business. One of the perks of working with an agency is that we do this day in and day out. We have a ton of experience in a variety of industries and can generally get the ball moving quicker than an in house employee.

What makes you different than other companies?

We are a Seattle-based Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in helping Local Business and Multi-Location Businesses.  We take pride in the quality of the tech behind our marketing and we help clients with a full picture of what their Digital Marketing should be and especially the analytics to measure the success of all that we do for our clients.

We won the 2017 Search Engine Land Award (“Landy Award”) for best Local SEO campaign for a client project that involved 300+ locations and 1,800+ professionals. The Landy award is considered to be the highest honors in our industry.

We currently have over 20  5-Star reviews on our Google page, a reflection of how focused we are on doing the right thing for our clients.

We build a lot of our own software/systems to help our clients and our team be as efficient as possible.  In 2017 we developed our first mobile app that helps businesses get online reviews.

All in all, we love what we do and this is reflected in the quality of work we deliver.