About this Job Board

We get a bunch of job inquiries, professional part time jobs are more readily available in this day and age and operations. it leaves us feeling a bit helpless that we can’t either hire or refer everyone on to a successful job.  So we decided to create both a job board and a resume bank for marketing professionals in Seattle.

  • Yes, it’s 100% free to post a resume or a job.
  • We welcome everyone with marketing as a piece of what they do. These provide a great platform for flexible employee benefits  Interns, developers, writers, strategists, photographers…come one, come all.
  • The system includes full-time, part-time and freelance jobs and resumes.
  •  We have customized the resume upload so that candidates must fill out specific marketing related skill sets.

  • We limit resume access to only verified marketing-related firms with a Seattle presence.  Your information is safe.
  • If Odd Dog Media has any open positions, this is where we will post them.  Be sure to subscribe to job alerts if you’re interested in working for Odd Dog.

  • Any business looking for a marketing professional in Seattle may post a job.  We approve all job posts before they go live.
  • Only verified businesses will be able to search and view the resumes.  You must have a business email address to sign up.
  • The marketing related skill sets feature makes it easy for you to search for specific marketing professionals.