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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the practice of increasing a business, organization or individual’s exposure to locally-intended search terms, as well as increasing the likelihood that that those impressions will convert into a phone call, visit or customer interaction.

Local SEO involves establishing a wide and consistent online presence for business location. This involves creating new listings and citations as well as finding and correcting inaccurate information. Correcting incorrect information that is inaccurate is easier said than done. While the larger directories typically have fairly straight-forward mechanisms for claiming and correcting erroneous listings, smaller directories can be harder to correct.

Additionally, finding incorrect listings isn’t always easy. Listings are generated on thousands of websites which all use different sources (of varying accuracy) to create their listing.

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72% of all people who performed a local search ended up frequenting a store that was within five miles of them.

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Why Should You Care

A large and growing number of people are using search engines to find information about their local community – and most are relying completely on the search engine to estimate their location and provide them relevant, local results.

There are many potential issues that can create erroneous listings that can affect your business’s listing accuracy, for example:

  • Listings under old/misspelled business names
  • Listings at old addresses
  • Listings with old/different phone numbers
  • Listings of other businesses that previously operated from your current address
  • Listings of other businesses that now operate from your previous addresses
  • Listings under the name of a person rather than the organization – particularly common for accounting and legal firms as well as medical practices.

Finding and correcting all of this information can be challenging – particularly without purpose-built local SEO tools.

How We Can Help

Odd Dog provides a few different online marketing packages for Local Businesses that start from $499/month.  Pertinent to Local SEO are the following:


Locating your local directory listings, both the correct and incorrect listings, and claiming them. The more control you have over these listings the more consistent your company information will be. Consistency is the key to local search success.


Using the specific keywords you would like to rank for we optimize your site so that search engines can easily read and recognize your website.


We will track the results across all major search engines at the start of the project as well as the positions as they change every month periods. Your keyword ranking progress will be readily available and easily understood.


As we track your ranking progress you’ll receive reports once we start working and every three months over the life of the project.

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