Looking to take advantage of the many locations your business has?

We have helped business grow from a single location to many, and also operated major campaigns for companies with thousands of locations.

Multi-location businesses can get complex very quickly and we can help you to manage and leverage this to your advantage.

Business Structure

First and foremost we need to understand how your business is setup. Are you a single entity with multiple locations, or is this a franchise model where each location may be a separate owner?

Licensed Professionals

Does your business have licensed professionals such as Doctors, Layers, Accountants, etc? If so, this totally changes the game...for the better!

Website Architecture

This is the foundation and needs to be setup properly for success. Location pages, multiple websites for each location, user permissions, branding consistency…we consider your unique needs and help to build an infrastructure that you can use to scale your business.

Location Management

This can vary a great deal based on whether you centralize your marketing or allow each location to customize their marketing for their local area. Do you need a single Facebook page or multiple pages? What happens when a location moves offices?

Administrator Control

The last thing you want is for a rogue employee to take over control of your website or social media account and hurt your brand image. We’ll help you set everything up with proper ownership controls and limited permissions so that you remain in full control of your brand at all times.

Ad Management

As the location complexity grows, so does the ad management. If you’re running Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram or other online ads, we can show you how to set these up with controls to manage budgets and read performance of each location.

Review Management

More business locations means more online reviews. We can setup the monitoring so that you are in the loop on everything that comes through. We’ll also provide our Odd Dog Review app that supports multiple locations to help your employees collect online reviews from customers with ease.

Multi Location Local SEO

Local Search converts 4x better than ANY OTHER SOURCE OF TRAFFIC, so this is a big deal for all of your locations. Luckily this is a specialty of ours as we have managed Local SEO for literally thousands of locations and can scale to as many locations as you need.


Finally, you’ll want to know how each location is performing. We can create reports that showcase all your locations or break each one into individual reports so each location can track their progress.

A Few of Our Multi-Location Clients

fast water heater
mattress depot usa
Locations Managed
Licensed Professionals Managed
Better conversion than ALL OTHER site traffic

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