What Package Is Right For My Business?

Great question! Before we get into this, we’d like to ask you a few questions: What are your goals? Who is your target customer? What’s your budget? We can help you decide which package is the best fit, but first we need to learn more about you and your business, them you can use Amazon Product Research and find the perfect option for your business,

We’ve been doing this for over 10 years and we can tell you that each project we take on is unique. However, the same general approach can be taken initially to cover the basics. Whether that’s creating the largest Commercial Diving network in the world, managing one of the largest healthcare providers in the Pacific Northwest, or simply growing your local mom-and-pop shop. After the basics are covered, then we can get more complex and really personalize your project. We’re here to help you achieve your goals – and do it at a reasonable price.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, simply open up the chat box in the bottom right hand corner or reach out to us on our contact page for assistance.

Local SEO

$ $

Per Month

Local BusinessMost Popular

$ $$

Per Month

Local Business with Ads

$ $$$

Per Month

Already have these items covered?

Nice work. Every business is in a different stage when it comes to their marketing and that’s why we offer custom solutions ranging from content creation, social media strategy, conversion optimization, digital advertising and more. The above packages are our base packages – if you didn’t find what you’re looking for we do offer packages that are customized to your needs and goals. We recommend getting in touch with us to discuss the best approach for your business.

Without Odd Dog Media, I don’t think we would still be in business. We currently generate upwards of 60 new leads each month thanks to their efforts.

– J. Debruler, Owner of Accutint Bellevue

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Are these the only plans?

They are not, they’re just our most popular. We offer plenty of custom marketing packages for small businesses and are happy to customize them for your specific needs.  Hit the intercom chat button below to connect with David and learn more about the Odd Dog packages for your business.

Are there any setup fees?

No!  The goal of this program is to make proper digital marketing affordable for local businesses.  We know large up-front fees can be tough on local businesses and have created a system & service combo that avoids them.

Are there any commitments?

Yes, we do require 1-year agreements on the above packages and a 3-6 month commitment on our custom packages.  We do a ton of up-front work on these plans and actually lose money on the first half of them, plus all online marketing experts will tell you that it takes time to see improvement in search engines.  This allows us enough time to get all the work done right and to be able to show you great results.

Do I get to keep the website if I cancel?

As long as you fulfill the full year of your contract, we will deliver your website files if you wish to cancel.  You will lose out on all the added features, such as the lead tracking, website forms, spam protection and any other premium features that are included with our service.  You will be responsible for finding a new hosting provider and installing the website on your new server, as well as any DNS changes involved.  If you aren’t able to get this working right away, we are happy to continue hosting your site on our monthly hosting fee until your new hosting provider is live.

What is included in your reports?

The key metric we focus on is the number of leads generated.  As long as this number increases, the rest of the numbers are less important.  That being said, we still show key website metrics and you always have full ownership & access to your Google Analtyics data.  We can setup custom report dashboards if you require it to show you data on just about anything to do with your website.

What is the Custom Branding?

This is a package for Franchises and larger businesses who want a private-labeled version of our system.  We will work with them to setup the system on their domain, using their logos & branding for a consistent experience to their users.  We designed this for Franchises and have included more information on our Franchise page.

Why isn’t social media posting included here?

Quite simply, social media doesn’t show a positive return for everyone so we don’t feel everyone should be paying for it.  We feel social media should always have two key elements:  Be measurable and have a specific purpose.  If someone needs a plumber, cleaning service, florist or a lawyer…they typically don’t go look on Twitter.  They search it.  Our goal is to put you in front of as many ready-to-purchase customers as possible for the lowest monthly fee possible.  If social media becomes a part of the strategic plan we develop, we are happy to help ensure it’s executed properly.

What should I expect from the quarterly or monthly consulting sessions?

This is where we provide an incredible added value.  Your Project Manager will analyze your website’s stats, competitors, industry trends and more to come up with a list of items to accomplish over the next quarter.  Most of these are covered by our services, while some may be larger marketing initiatives that you can either choose to take on yourself or have it added to your package with Odd Dog.  The goal is that you get an experienced Digital Marketing Consultant coaching you through every option available to you.

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