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Simply fill out the inquiry form below and we’ll have a member of our team get in touch to learn more about your business and answer any questions you may have.

  • Which package are you interested in?

  • Tell us about yourself

Am I committing to anything by filling out this form? 
Not at all.  This is simply an inquiry form showing an interest.  We like to talk with all potential clients before they sign up so that we can be 100% sure about how we can help your business and what you can expect from us.

What happens once I sign up?
A project manager will get in touch with you to discuss your business, your goals and to gather any information we need to put together an Onboarding Document.  Once that document is complete, we’ll schedule a Kickoff Meeting to get your project underway.

Who will I work with?
We assign a Project Manager to your account so that they may become familiar with your business, your messaging and your style.  Your support requests will go to your Project Manager who will get back to you shortly.

How are Quarterly Meetings done?
Your Project Manager will schedule these with you.  If you are in Seattle you have the option of coming to the Odd Dog Media World Headquarters in Lower Queen Anne and meeting with us in person.  Otherwise, we are happy to conduct a Google Hangout so you can see our smiling faces or do a simple phone call.  Whatever works easiest for you.

How do I know this is working and worth my investment?
Quite simple: We count the leads that come in and where they came from.  We  feel that the business generated is the only true way to measure the success of a campaign, so we don’t bore you with a ton of stats & graphs that mean nothing.