Customers are most likely to leave your business an online review when they have a personal connection with your business, often while your employees are face to face with the customer. So we created a mobile app that helps you do exactly that. Learn how Seattle Towing went from 0 to 30+ reviews in just 6 weeks here.

How the Odd Dog Review App Works

odd dog media reviews app mockup

Sign up your Business

Sign up your business at for FREE. Yes, the Odd Dog Review App is free to use for a single business location. We will handle your account configuration and give you a unique company code.

Employees Install the App

You and all your employees install the app, then enter the unique company code we give you. Now their devices are configured for your business and ready to go!

Request Customer Reviews

Anytime your employees have a happy customer, they can open the app and send the customer a review request via email or text. The links are specially designed to take the customer directly to where they leave a review, making the process as simple and seamless as possible.

Reviews Drive Business

As these authentic customer reviews build up, consumer confidence in your business will build along with your search rankings. The end result is a business consumers trust and want to call.

Did We Mention It's Free?

Getting reviews for your business is hard enough. That's why we're offering this mobile app for free. Start using it today.

iOS & Android

The Odd Dog Review app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Unlimited Usage

Install the app on as many employee phones as you like and send as many review request as you can.

Email or Text…or both!

You can enter either an email or a phone number and the app will send the review request to whichever one you enter.

Deep Links

For text messages, the links will be “deep links”.  This means if you send the customer a review request to your company’s Google page, clicking the link on their  phone will open the Google app so they can seamlessly leave a review.

Multiple Review Sites

We can support as many review sites as you need, you simply select which site you want to request the review when you send the message to the customer.
* Ask about our pro version.

Multi-Location Support

Marketing multiple business locations?  Just select which location the review is for as you send the review request and the link to that location will be sent.
* Ask about our pro version