Social Media Packages

We didn’t step into social management lightly. Social media can connect with your customers in a way that no other platform can. It’s your brand and your voice, which is why it’s important that you approach it with a solid strategy & execution.

The packages below are designed as a starting point to get the ball rolling.  Social Media can be kept very simple, but it can also get quite complex when you begin targeting multiple audiences with unique messaging across multiple platforms.

Are there any commitments?

Yes, we require a 3-month contract for all social media packages. It typically takes a few weeks for us to do all the research and preparation necessary to develop a successful social media marketing strategy. Then we want to give our efforts enough time to gain traction online for you to see real results.

What’s my client avatar?

Your avatar includes your business’ persona as well as essential marketing information. In creating your custom avatar, we’ll learn everything we can about your business. Then our team will determine what social platforms will be most effective for your business, find your best target market, and develop a strategy that will most benefit you and contribute to your goals.

Are you creating content for me?

For the Pulse & Basic packages we work to find content online that’s industry-specific and relevant to your business to share on the appropriate social channels.  For Plus and higher packages we do help to create custom content that aligns with the social media strategy we have put in place.

What accounts are you managing?

We have the capability to manage Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

Do you handle our Social Media Engagement?

With the Plus Package we will monitor your social media community and help with some basic interaction.  This can include mentions, private messages and even some hashtag monitoring.  For anything beyond basic small business engagement, we offer a Social Media Consulting service that can accommodate enterprise-level social campaigns.

What platforms do you manage paid ads on?

We are a Facebook Blueprint Certified company and also manage ads on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest.  If you want to run a campaign across multiple platforms we can provide you pricing as each platform is unique in how you successfully manage the campaigns.

What’s included in the reports?

Every month, your Project Manager will send you custom reports on the metrics that we think are the most important and relevant to your business. The reports will be platform-specific but would include metrics on impressions and engagement, as well as information on what kind of posts are performing best.

What should I expect from the monthly strategy consultations?

Your Project Manager will walk you through your reports and provide additional insight. We will also discuss your business’ goals for the next month and develop a strategy across social platforms that will best support those goals. This could include promoting specials, creating new content, and boosting community engagement.  It is also an opportunity for us to help teach & train your team on how to approach social media management as often times clients like to manage their social presence in conjunction with our team.

Ready to get started?