The Force Is Strong With You.

We are opening up 10 free spots to businesses who want their digital marketing to make an impact. It’s the most impactful 30 minutes we offer.

What's In It For You?


Digital Audit

We'll provide a custom audit of your current digital situation to fully understand how your business is performing.

Defining Goals

Every business needs goals. This is the part of the conversation where we listen to you. We work to understand your pain points, challenges, and vision for your company before setting realistic goals that will help you along your journey.

Outline & Budgeting

With an understanding of what you're looking to accomplish we can provide a roadmap for you to execute and set expectations for what you should expect to spend to accomplish all the milestones provided.

Manage, Measure, and Repeat

The best part of digital is that the majority of it is trackable. Here we can walk you through things you should care about, how to manage it, track it and replicate results so you can scale.

Custom Consulting

Already working on the previous items but are struggling with something else? Our consultants have handled everything from your local mom and pop shop to launching an apps to running campaigns for Amazon. We're up for the challenge.

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What People Have Said About Our Consultations

I can’t say enough great stuff about OddDog! The people there have taken my website from blah to mic drop. My social media presence continues to improve, which translates to a wider audience of those who are interested in my offering. Hailey, John, Adam, Kimberly, David, and Holly are top-notch in their field.

Jennifer M.

Excellent firm to work with. Sondre, our main point of contact, has been especially great. He is a great strategist with an unending stream of unique ideas and insights into various marketing avenues. We use Odd Dog to manage our local SEO, Adwords, Bing accounts and custom consulting. They continually go above and beyond and we couldn't be happier with Odd Dog Media.

Stephan F.

The Odd Dog team are fantastic. They do brilliant work and are incredibly easy to work with. It's nice having a team with such deep expertise, mixed with excellent communication skills and affordability. I would highly recommend.

Tammy B.